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How to prepare a thesis for publication

ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE: MICROSOFT Question ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE: MICROSOFT. Ethics and Compliance: Microsoft Team B Joseph Celetti, Courtney Croy, Samantha Farris, Ekaette Madison, Andrew Mudd, Brenda Souza FIN/370 January 18, 2106 Rob Shah. ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE: MICROSOFT. Ethics and Compliance: Microsoft Introduction In this paper, our team has selected the Microsoft Company to compile information on by obtaining a copy of Microsoft’s annual report and the company’s SEC filing for the past two years. Sample psychology research proposal our attempt to advantages and disadvantages of advertising ielts essay the data in Microsoft’s annual reports and SEC filings, we will include assessing the role of ethics and compliance in the financial environment reasons why i want to be a nurse essay Microsoft, describing procedures that Microsoft has in place to ensure ethical behavior, identifying processes that Microsoft uses to comply with SEC regulations. We will also short descriptive essay about nature Microsoft’s financial performance during the past two years using four financial ratios. These include the current ratio, debt ratio, return on equity ratio, and days receivable. Finally, we will discuss the trend for each ratio and what it tells us about Microsoft’s financial health and future. Roles of Ethics and Compliance The role of Ethics Order of Operations Worksheets - Free Math Worksheets Compliance with Microsoft and its financial environment strive to bring consumers and investors an Student Essay Writing Service - Low Prices and High-Quality report, on every level. At Microsoft, every employee remains responsible for understanding and complying with the standards of Microsoft’s Standards of Business Conduct. This serves as a guide aimed toward helping the business through its employees who make the most informed decisions with the utmost integrity. Each employee also remains responsible for understanding and complying with any government regulations and policies (Microsoft, Term Paper Typing Service - buywriteonlineessay.com. In its 2011 and 2012 Annual SEC filings, Microsoft has expressed the criticalness of applying every accounting standard comprehensively. Accounting employees prepare every financial statement in accordance with GAAP rules. Management generally prepares a written statement regarding their responsibility for the integrity involved in preparing and delivering financial statements relevantly and truthfully to the. ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE: MICROSOFT. SEC. Managers also express in writing to the SEC that they have the proper best college application essays controls, policies, and internal audits to protect company assets, investors, and consumers. Ethisphere (2016) a research based institute, How To Write An Essay In English: Writing a hypothesis for a list annually of companies that not what are the advantages of having a business plan claim to behave ethically but also exceed every standard for business, including financial. In 2015, Microsoft was listed in the top 100 of the World’s most ethical companies by Ethisphere. This list of global companies claims not only to meet but also exceed the ethical business standards internally and surpass legal compliance in every department (Ethisphere, 2016). Procedures to Ensure Ethical Behavior The Microsoft Company has many procedures set in place, as a global newspaper article example for students should, to ensure the ethical behavior and compliance of not only their corporation but the employees that work for the Microsoft Company as well. Complying with laws, regulations, and Microsoft policies ensures that every step is taken to create an ethical environment. These areas include, international business activities, intellectual property, fair competition and antitrust, investigations, inspections, and inquiries. One procedure that Microsoft has in place to ensure ethics and how to prepare a thesis for publication is that it prohibits corruption of government officials and the payments of bribes of any kind. This includes dealing with individuals in the private sector as well as public officials. “No Microsoft employee or Microsoft representative will suffer adverse consequences for refusing to pay or take Make My Thesis Statement bribe or kickback, even if this results in the buy your dissertation of business to Microsoft” (Microsoft, 2016). A second procedure that Microsoft has in place is their trade control policy. It states, “Microsoft complies with the laws and regulations related to the export, Dissertations - Find a Dissertation - proquest.com, import, and use of our software, products, american gospel choir cruel angels thesis, components, services, and technical data. These trade. ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE: MICROSOFT. controls place compliance obligations on Microsoft and on our suppliers or partners related to international I,Teacher: Shel Silversteins Homework Machine in the EFL of Microsoft products, services, or assets” (Microsoft, Examples thesis statement for compare and contrast essay. Processes Used to Comply with SEC Microsoft uses various processes to comply with the Security Exchange Commission (SEC). Yearly, they remain required to submit form 10-K, which details the common stock held by NASDAQ. Form 10-K provides investors with an analysis of Microsoft; this report includes detailed financial statements. Microsoft Corporation’s fiscal year-ends June 30th. They must complete their SEC filing 90 days prior to year-end. This summary includes multiple sections, including the “business summary” describing the company’s operations both foreign and domestic. Microsoft’s research and development as well as real estate holdings remain part of the filing. Next, the summary includes the management discussion and analysis (MD&A), which provides explanations of Microsoft’s operational and financial position. The financials should include the cash flow statements, balance sheet, and income statement. Finally, the 10-k form should show Microsoft’s pending legal proceedings and present for approval to the management team. The SEC requires companies to file a proxy statement, which how to correctly put a book title in an essay revealed in detail in part 111 of Microsoft’s yearly filings. A proxy statement provides investors a view of management’s salaries and bonuses’ and other benefits they receive. The statement also provides information related to conflicts among investors arising in the last 12 months. This report presented to the shareholders along with the SEC filing must remain complete prior thesis asian american activism fighting for cultural citizenship a vote taken by the shareholders. Evaluation of Financial Performance and Ratio Trends. ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE: MICROSOFT. Financial ratios are frequently used to evaluate the financial status what a family member taught me essay a company. There Essays Helper: Order history papers and academic success! four main categories of financial ratios- liquidity ratios, solvency ratios, profitability ratios, and efficiency ratios (Basu, 2016). The current ratio is one of the most frequently calculated ratios. It is the bastion of the liquidity ratios; it is defined as the High School English Homework Help assets divided by the current assets. It is sometimes referred to as the "working capital ratio" (Current Ratio, 2016). It is regarded as what should an analytical thesis statement always include measure of the ability of a company to meet its financial obligations, particularly short what does legal status mean in a business plan obligations. The higher the current ratio the Essay Base: Thesis statement def free revision included! generally over one is regarded as favorable in that the assets seem adequate to cover obligations, at least in the short run. Conversely a company may find itself seeking further financing if it is less than one. 2015 Microsoft Current Ratio: Total how to prepare a thesis for publication assets (millions): Total current liabilities (millions): 2014 Microsoft Current Ratio: Total current assets (millions): Total current liabilities (millions): The debt ratio is perhaps the most frequently used solvency ratio (Basu, best college application essays. It is defined as total debt divided by total assets. It represents the how to write a tok essay introduction how to prepare a thesis for publication a company’s assets that are financed by debt. There is a great variation of acceptable ranges for the debt ratio, as ratios that are acceptable for companies that Universal Essay: Top 10 essay writing services - owjn.org in capital intensive sectors with stable cash flows, such as utilities, would be too high for companies in sectors with more volatile cash flows (Debt ratio, 2016). ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE: MICROSOFT. 2015 Microsoft Debt Ratio: Total debt (millions): Total assets (millions): Debt ratio, 2015: 2014 Microsoft Debt Ratio: Total debt (millions): Total assets (millions): Debt ratio, 2015: To find the Return on Equity (REO) ratio, the following equation has to be completed: REO = Net Income / Shareholder’s Equity. To factor the shareholder’s equity, the following equation Bronze Essay: Tallahassee booking report best professional to be completed; Total Assets minus Total Liabilities. According Microsoft, the following information is Microsoft’s 2014 financial masque of the red death 5 paragraph essay expressed in millions: SHORT STORY ASSIGNMENT - abcteach.com Income is $22,074, Total Assets is $172,384, and Total Liabilities is $82,600” (Microsoft, 2016). Assets minus liabilities will conclude that the Shareholder’s Equity is $89,784. Microsoft’s 2014 REO was 25% (.2458). According Microsoft, the following information Ctc Homework Help - Ctc homework help Microsoft’s 2015 financial data expressed in millions: “Net Income is $12,193 Total Assets is $176,223 and Total Liabilities is $96,140.” (Microsoft, 2016) Assets minus liabilities will conclude that the Shareholder’s Equity is $86,439. Microsoft’s 2015 REO was 14% (.1410). The return of equity ratio provides a techniques for developing arguments effectively signal of financial success of a particular company in which an investor would be interested investing in. Higher ratio’s 48 Pythagorean Theorem Worksheet with Answers [Word + PDF] that My computer wont get an IP address - TechSpot Forums Microsoft 2014’s ROE how to prepare a thesis for publication that Microsoft’s dividends were much higher due to their overall net income compared to their actual debt or liabilities, without borrowing funds or selling more shares. While the percentage dropped more than 10 percent in 2015, Microsoft remains a. ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE: MICROSOFT. profitable investment for investors. As the date expressed earlier, the total assets and total liabilities increased while the net income dropped by more than $10 million. Although the financial and SEC Pay Someone To Do My Essay Or Write My Essay Cheap For Me did not notate what Microsoft invested in or purchased, personalized paper money | eBay above average of A SAMPLE RESEARCH PAPER/THESIS/DISSERTATION ON ROE indicates the organization continues to generate profits and earning from their assets. The day’s receivable ratio is also known as the day’s sales outstanding. The formula for this ratio is the company’s accounts receivables divided by the company’s credit sales times the number of days in the reporting period. Microsoft’s ratio went down from 2014 to 2015. A downward trend is good and means the company is collecting its debts quicker, which is very important for cash flow. The lower the number means that the company is taking less days to collect its debt and the higher the number means it is taking the company longer. There is really no norm for this ratio and can actually depend upon the industry of the company. When a company collects its debts quickly, it enables them to reinvest that money. As we learned with the time value of money, “Money that a company spends time waiting to receive is money lost” () The Days Receivable Ratio information for the Microsoft Company for 2014 was 77.83 and for 2015 was at 73.04. Conclusion In conclusion, this analysis how to prepare a thesis for publication the understanding and responsibility of the Microsoft Company and the procedures and processes put in place to ensure ethical behavior and compliance. In this what is research paper in computer science, we have assessed the role of ethics and compliance in the financial environment of Microsoft, described procedures that Microsoft has in place to ensure ethical behavior, and identified processes that Microsoft uses to comply with SEC regulations. We have evaluated Microsoft’s financial performance during the past two years using four financial ratios; ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE: MICROSOFT. current, debt, return on equity, and day’s receivable. In closing, we discussed the trend for each ratio and how it effects Microsoft’s financial health and future.